Windows XP (32-bit) drivers for the Gateway MT3422 Laptop

Since Gateway doesn't provide Windows XP drivers for this particular model of laptop, this page will provide the needed drivers to load Windows XP onto this laptop. These drivers were originally posted at Gateway MT3422 Drivers - Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion.
These can be installed in any order, but for best results install them in the order that they appear.

Chipset: Driver
SMBus PCI: Driver*
DualCore Optimizer: Driver
Video: Driver
Ethernet: Drver
Wireless Card: Driver
Modem: Driver
Touchpad: Driver
Sound: Driver
Card Reader: Driver

All the above: Driver Pack

* Once the file is extracted, don't use the main setup program (setup.exe). Instead go into the D20008-001-001\D20008-001-001\winvista32 directory and use the setup program (setup.exe) located there. Even though it says it's for Windows Vista, it works just fine on Windows XP. After its installed, it appears in the Windows Device Manager as Nvidia nforce PCI system management under the System Devices key.