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Disk Array

Disk Array
My God! It's full of disks! This demonstrates the "old" way of DIY disk arrays.

18 May 2014 by Sharukh
- Hey Mar! You are SO right about spending time with our kids. We bring our two kids to falmiy shoots as much as we can. They help with some of our light equipment. Sometimes they even like to hold the reflectors for us .or blow the bubbles for the babies! It's a great way of adding some falmiy time to our very busy lives. I actually made it to a point to spend a lot of time with my kiddos this weekend. =) Congrats Allaysha, I know you will be a good addition to NEMA Photography! =)April 18, 2010 10:36 pm
16 Mar 2012 by pqjskxlft
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13 Mar 2012 by gffmko
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12 Mar 2012 by Appu
Yes, I think an Objects and Arrays both fall under the description of cetolclions. In PHP, array() can be an associative array (like an Object in javascript) or a numerical array (like an Array in javascript), there's only one object.PHP also has Objects, which are roughly comparable to javascript objects. So really in PHP, there's two ways to do it. When a PHP array() is used as an associative array, the items are in a guaranteed order. In a javascript Object, the items are usually in whatever order you added them, but it is not guaranteed.
22 Feb 2010 by iickxz
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